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CP8153-DE03-SN Carbon Clutch for IRL

CP8153 Operating Instructions (500K)

CP8153 Installation Drawing (230K)

P/Plate Shim Replacement Chart (Ware vs. P/Plate Shim size) (50K)

Special Note On High Temp Diaphragm Spring (50K)

Carbon Clutch Ware Worksheet (90K)

General Info

General Info About Ohlins Dampers (1.5M)

General Workshop Manual (4.5M)


TTX MKII VRP v2.2 (12M)

TTX MKI VRP v4.1 (18M)

Inside the TTX Manual, Part 1. Theory and Design(3M)

Inside the TTX Manual, Part 2. Work Section(30M!!!)

Inside the TTX Manual, Part 3. Drawings(1M)

Inside the TTX Manual, Part 4. Parts List (MKI) (For a MKII parts list see below.)(1M)

TTX MKII Parts List(1M)

TTX MKII Workshop Manual(900K)

TTX MKII Order Program 2.0(800K)

TTX MKII Blow-Off Kit(850K)


TTX36 Owner's Manual (800K)

TTX36 Parts List(500K)

TTX46 Strut

TTX46 Universal Strut Parts List(2.5M)


Inside the TT44 Manual, Part 1. Theory and Design(26M!)

Inside the TT44 Manual, Part 2. Work Section and Valving(20M!)

TT44 Parts List(1.2M)

2011 Hyperco Parts List (133K)


Form ST-105, General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (370K) Every customer who qualifies for Indiana state sales tax exemption must have this form on file with MSI for the exemption to be honored.

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